the project

Overall Purpose

The overall purpose of the project is to improve six bridges (view map) in a context-sensitive manner so they are safe and functional for highway users. Goals for the project were established based on public and agency input during the development of the 2015 Hana Highway, Route 360 Bridge Preservation Plan.

Project Map with Six Bridges and Mile Posts
Bridges and Mile Posts

The proposed bridge improvements will strive to meet the following project goals, as reflected in the 2015 Hana Highway, Route 360 Bridge Preservation Plan, and/or determined by CFLHD and HDOT. These goals will continue to be refined throughout the life of the project.

  • Minimize construction Impacts & Maximize Constructability

  • Maintain Historic Character

  • Minimize Natural Environment Impacts

  • Minimize Construction Cost

  • Meet Applicable Design Standards

Project Development Process


FHWA and HDOT will be preparing necessary studies to move forward with implementing improvements for these six specific bridges. Each step of the development process will include coordination with the public and agencies to gather feedback. The general project development process includes the following types of activities.

Refine Project Needs and Goals

Validating past findings and collecting additional engineering and environmental data, as necessary.

  • Perform environmental surveys and recommended engineering studies on structures

  • Perform additional stakeholder (such as public, agency, and Native Hawaiian Organization) coordination

  • Refine specific structure needs and project evaluation criteria

Evaluate and Refine Recommended Design Concepts

Evaluating design concepts presented in the 2015 Hana Highway, Route 360 Bridge Preservation Plan and assessing how each design solution meets the established project goals. If alternative design elements are identified that may better meet project goals and criteria, they will also be evaluated.

  • Evaluate preliminary findings from environmental surveys

  • Assess potential design solutions and construction approach and their ability to meet project goals for each of the six bridges

  • Perform additional stakeholder coordination

Prepare Detailed Environmental
Analysis and Refine Project Design
  • Analyze impacts of project design on the natural, cultural, and social environment

  • Continue refinement of project design elements

  • Continue stakeholder coordination

Prepare Final Engineering Design

Finalizing the project design and obtaining necessary permits, if FHWA and HDOT select an alternative for construction.

  • Finalize design and develop a construction bid package

  • Obtain necessary environmental and land use permits

  • Continue stakeholder coordination

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